"The Order of Christian Initation of Adults" 

OCIA is a communal process of spiritual and educational formation for adults who seek to become full members of the Roman Catholic Church through a conversion of mind and heart. During this process you will come to greater knowledge of Jesus Christ, consider your relationship with Jesus Christ and will surely become attracted in some way to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church which is in full communion with the Holy See of Rome. Once the process is complete you would be received into the Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil. The Easter Vigil takes place on Holy Saturday, the evening before Easter Sunday. This is the night that "shall be as bright as day" as proclaimed by the Exsullet, an ancient church him as we joyfully anticipate Christ's Resurrection. The Holy Saturday Liturgy begins with the Service of Light, which includes the blessing of the new fire and the Paschal candle which symbolizes Jesus, the Light of the World. During the mass you would then be baptized at which time you are received into a community of faith, which is challenged to realize that you have become different because of this new life in the community.

We invite you to come and learn our true beliefs and traditions. Learn the truth in what the church teaches.

If you are a baptized Christian of other faith traditions or want to be baptized and want to learn more about the Catholic Faith or becoming a Catholic, or a baptized Catholic who has not yet received their first communion or confirmation then OCIA is for you. 


May God Bless you and your family