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L’Osservatore Romano Notes Launch for WMOF 2018 in Dublin

Arch. Diarmuid Martin to start “countdown” August 21, 2017 at Knock

Pope Francis Prays for Victims, Families of Barcelona Attack

Vatican Spokesman Greg Burke Says Pope Is Deeply Concerned

Pope Condemns “Blind Violence” of Attack in Barcelona

Sends prayers, sympathy for those suffering to Card. Omella y Omella

Cardinal Bassetti Advocates a Cultural Revolution Centered on the Family

Third Italian Congress on the Family

A Cry That Gets Salvation, by Archbishop Follo

XX Sunday of Ordinary Time - August 20, 2017

Pope Appoints Special Envoy to Aparecida Events in October, 2017

Cardinal Re to Attend Third Centenary of Finding Statue

Pope’s August 17 Tweet Reminds us of God’s Goodness and Mercy

“May nothing stop you from living and growing in your Heavenly Father’s friendship”

Marriage of Blesseds Louis & Zelie Martin: A Jubilee for 160th Anniversary

Mobilization of the Shrine of Alencon, France

Mary’s Assumption Concerns Future of Humanity, Tweets Pope Francis

'She Announces . . . Christ’s Victory'

Vatican Radio Reports US Bishops President’s Denunciation of Racism

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo speaks in wake of Charlottesville, VA violence