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Angelus Address: On the Life of the Missionary Disciple

"The Disciple Is Called to Conform Himself to Christ’s Own Life, Who Was Persecuted by Men, Knew Rejection, Abandonment and Death on the Cross”

Witnesses of Providence

XII Sunday of Ordinary Time - Year A - June 25, 2017

‘The Sacred Heart Isn’t a ‘Holy Card’ for Devout, But the Heart of Our Faith,’ Says Pope

During Morning Mass on Feast Day of Christ's Sacred Heart, Francis Says We Must Become Small to Hear the Lord's Voice

Pope: We Must Have Courage, Even If We Stumble and Sometimes Fail

Pope Tells Serra Club 'We Cannot Make Progress, Unless We Take Risks'

Pope’s Words on Friendship to ‘Serra International’

'It is better to go forward limping, and even at times to fall, while always trusting in the mercy of God, than to be 'museum Christians' who are afraid of change'

Academy of Sciences: A President Expert in Food Security

German Joachim von Braun

On the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul: Five New Cardinals by the Pope’s Side

Consistory and Blessing of the Palliums

INTERVIEW: 2018 Synod: All Young People Are Invited to Be Involved, says Sister Nathalie Becquart

The Church Gives Them the Word

‘While Christ Is the Cornerstone, We Are Living Stones Close to Him,’ Says Pope

Pope Stresses Christians, Whether Catholics, Orthodox or Protestants, 'Shed Their Blood as Seal of Their Witness'

Pope’s Morning Homily: A Good Shepherd Gives His Life for His Sheep

At Casa Santa Marta, Francis Says Pastors Must Not Be Näive